When you launch a business, your safety, personal privacy and brand protection should be among your first priorities. However in the excitement of launching a new business, many kids, and even adult entrepreneurs, don’t think about these things. Unfortunately, cyberbullying, stolen content, and safety concerns are all frustrations that face business owners with an online presence, especially as their business grows. When it’s our kids who are in the spot light, these concerns become more urgent.

The online world has led to some great friendships for us – people we never would have met without the widening of our world who are people we talk to on a weekly or even daily basis now. However, it can also be a rough place, protecting our own mental health and and protecting our children is vital.  That’s why we are sharing five of our top tips for online safety and ways to protect your businesses. Between us, we have over 30 years of corporate leadership and entrepreneurship, plus our own children’s entrepreneurship ventures. This experience has given us the insights necessary to help you protect your children as they thrive through the experience of entrepreneurship. Click the button on the left to download the PDF now!

~ Candice & Jenn