What kind of business can your kid start? Really, the answer is anything they can dream of! The only
limits are their creativity, your time, and the available resources you have!
At the most basic level, a successful business is one that provides a solution or product to meet the needs of someone who is able to pay for that solution. Sometimes we try to make it more complicated than that – but starting at the basics, is a good way to figure out what the best thing you can do as a business.
A few service-based ideas that meet needs are: Pet area clean-up services, dog walking, and babysitting. If you flip to thinking about products, a bakery meets the needs of someone who wants tasty treats, a jewelry making business meets the needs of someone who wants something beautiful to wear, and an author simply provides education or entertainment through a book they have published.
Download our list of ideas, which includes a wide variety of service & product based businesses to help you jump-start the brainstorming process!