If you’ve ever wondered how you can encourage your kids to chase their dreams, how you can support their creativity, or how to guide them in making wise decisions about having a business.

We can help.

LAUNCH & Beyond | The Business How-To Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Available NOW – 30 self-paced lessons, printable e-book, and video classes!

How can we help your kids?

At Kids Business Academy we offer Camps, workshops, group-coaching programs, 1:1 coaching, a 30 week curriculum designed for families, small groups, homeschool co-ops, after school programs and MORE! Our curriculum can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We help kids master the skill of goal-setting, understand how to build a business plan , create a marketing strategy, figure out pricing, and learn the other skills they need to be successful in life and business along with helping them experience the thrill of making that first sale.

We work with new entrepreneurs and experienced young business owners to give kids (and their parents!) the tools they need to succeed in chasing their dreams! We are helping kids discover the leader inside of them and build leadership skills that will serve them throughout their life.

The best part of our work is in seeing these young entrepreneurs grow in confidence, develop resilience, and learn to adapt to change. We will help them learn how to thrive in business whether it’s a simple short-term project or a longer-term endeavor that leads to something big in the future.